LIMITX Products in Development

LIMITX technology is intended to address abuse by excess oral consumption of multiple tablets while providing a margin of safety during accidental over-ingestion of tablets. In addition, LIMITX is also expected to exhibit barriers to abuse by snorting and injection. The Company is currently evaluating the strategy for these products, including possible commercial partners.


We currently have the following products in development utilizing our LIMITX: Immediate-release hydromorphone HCl (LTX-04) and Immediate-release hydrocodone bitartrate with acetaminophen (LTX-03).


In January 2016, the IND for LTX-04 was approved for clinical testing. The Immediate-release hydromorphone HCl tablets are in a Phase I exploratory pharmacokinetic (PK) study which is currently in progress.


Formulation development work was initiated for LTX-03 in March 2016.