Acura’s lead product, AVERSION® oxycodone (oxycodone HCI, USP) Tablets CII, was approved for marketing by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on June 17, 2011. AVERSION® oxycodone (formerly Pfizer, Inc.’s OXECTA®) represents the first immediate-release oxycodone product approved by the FDA that applies Acura’s AVERSION® Technology. AVERSION® is a mixture of inactive ingredients incorporated into pharmaceutical tablets and capsules designed to address some common methods of product tampering.

Acura is in the process of seeking a new licensing partner for AVERSION® oxycodone as well as their other AVERSION® products in development.

Other AVERSION® Products in Development

Acura has developed several other tamper-resistant opioid products using AVERSION® Technology. The Company is currently considering commercialization opportunities for these products and product candidates.


Acura is currently marketing NEXAFED®, its own 30mg immediate-release formulation of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride using its IMPEDE® Technology. Acura aims to develop a full line of immediate and sustained-release products utilizing the IMPEDE® Technology for commercialization in the United States.

Acura seeks to establish partnerships outside the U.S. for products using its IMPEDE® Technology. Acura considers partnerships within the U.S. for its IMPEDE® Technology with companies that support our goal of making abuse deterrent formulations a standard of care in U.S. pharmacies and/or provide technical assistance for hard to develop formulations.