Syringeability Testing

Product: Acurox® Tablets
Study: Syringe Test
Phase: Not Applicable
Title: Not Applicable

Study Objective

To evaluate the relative difficulty of abusing dissolved opioid tablets and capsules via intravenous (IV) injection.

Design Summary

The Syringe Test was developed to simulate the relative difficulty of abusing dissolved opioid tablets and capsules via IV injection. The test was designed as a scientifically reproducible method to quantitatively measure the difficulty of drawing into a syringe a solution made from tablets or capsules dissolved in varying types and volumes of solvent. The test utilizes seven (7) solvents available to potential abusers, the largest syringe barrel available without a prescription and the largest bore needle in the subcutaneous syringe set family. The needle and barrel are much larger than typically used by abusers and represent a worst case scenario (e.g. easier to prepare an IV injection).

Results Summary

The Syringe Test results suggest that preparing an injectable form of Acurox Tablets using a variety of available solvents is impractical due to high solvent volume requirements and the viscous/gelatinous mixture formed when dissolving Acurox Tablets in lower volumes of the solvents tested. Even if a "Theoretically Injectable" solution of crushed Acurox Tablets is achieved it would require further processing by the prospective abuser to separate oxycodone from other tablet ingredients (including niacin and numerous excipients) and a reduction in total volume to provide a solution in a volume and form that is practically suitable for IV injection.