About Acura

Acura Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in research, development and manufacture of innovative Aversion® (abuse deterrent) Technology and related product candidates

Our goal is to become a leading specialty pharmaceutical company focused on addressing the growing societal problem of pharmaceutical drug abuse by developing a broad portfolio of products with abuse deterrent features and benefits. Specifically, we intend to:

  • Capitalize on our Experience and Expertise in the Research and Development of Pharmaceutical Products with Abuse Deterrent Features and Benefits. We intend to facilitate product development and minimize risk by utilizing active pharmaceutical ingredients with proven safety and efficacy profiles with known potential for abuse and misuse.
  • Emerge as a Leader in Developing and Commercializing Products with Abuse Deterrent Features and Benefits. We believe that Oxecta® Tablets and our other opioid product candidates in development have demonstrated that the Aversion® Technology allows products to provide the analgesic benefit they were intended to deliver, while simultaneously having features that are intended to deter misuse and abuse.
  • License our Product Candidates to Strategically Focused Pharmaceutical Companies in the U.S. and Other Geographic Territories. We believe opportunities exist to enter into licensing agreements for our Aversion® opioid products outside the United States, Canada, and Mexico, which geographies are covered by the Pfizer Agreement, and for developing additional Aversion® Technology and Impede™ Technology product candidates for other abused drugs. We will continue to leverage our expertise, intellectual property rights and Aversion® and Impede™ Technologies without the need to invest in and build a costly physician-focused sales and marketing infrastructure.
  • Apply our Aversion® and Impede™ Technologies to Other Pharmaceutical Products Susceptible to Abuse. We intend to first develop a portfolio of Aversion® Technology opioid analgesic products, and thereafter we intend to expand our focus to other pharmaceutical product categories containing potentially abusable active ingredients. Further, we intend to develop a portfolio of cold, allergy and sinus products containing PSE as a nasal decongestant (similar to brand products such as Zyrtec-D®, Allegra-D®, and Claritin-D®).
  • Maintain our Efficient Internal Cost Structure. We maintain a streamlined and highly efficient cost structure focused on: (1) selection, formulation development, laboratory evaluation, manufacture, quality assurance and stability testing of certain finished dosage form product candidates; (2) development and prosecution of our patent applications; (3) negotiation and execution of license and development agreements with strategically focused pharmaceutical companies and; (4) utilizing third-party contract manufacturers/packagers to supply our specialized development needs and commercial requirements for our Nexafed®. By outsourcing the high cost elements of our product development and commercialization process, we believe that we substantially minimize required fixed overhead and capital investment and thereby reduce our business risk. We currently do not intend to use a physician focused sales force to commercialize products on our own but may develop a small national account sales force to sell Nexafed® to regional and national retail drug chains.
  • In-license or Acquire Alternative Technologies and Product Candidates to Expand our Portfolio of Technologies and Products.We intend to pursue the in-license or acquisition of product candidates and technologies that will allow us to expand our portfolio of products. Such in-licensing or acquisition transactions, if successfully completed, of which no assurance can be given, may include product candidates or technologies for pain relief, addiction, and other drugs.